Meeting Diane, Hamburg, PA

I was excited hiking on Saturday the 23rd, as I knew I would meet Diane at the end of the day. It was the first time we saw each other since I started the Trail.

From a Port Clinton trailhead, two other hikers and I were shuttled into Hamburg by a 76-year-old character named Steve. Steve told everyone that he loves hikers, and drives 25 miles from his home to provide a shuttle service for them. He gets along with everyone, “even the devil,” and was happy to share his knowledge of the area with us. After being dropped off at a nearby hotel, I had a well-deserved and greatly needed shower.

In the evening we went to eat at the Port Clinton Hotel. I could not resist taking this picture; it is typical of restaurants on or near the Trail:

On Sunday, we went to breakfast, followed by the largest Cabella’s in the world (no hyperbole), Mass, and shopping for resupply. Then we decided on our next meet-up, which will be in New York.

Monday and Tuesday, with Diane’s help, I was able to slack-pack a little over 25 miles, followed by one last night at the hotel.

While I was out hiking, Diane managed to make some polartec coverings for my feet. She couldn’t find any in local stores but managed to find a child’s polartec pair of pants that she magically cut and sewed into slipper socks. We’ll see how they work. Temps still get down into the low 40s at night, and it’s hard to sleep with cold feet!

In my initial post, I talked about visiting small town America. Here is an example: at about 0645 this morning we were in a diner having breakfast under “Support our Troops” and “Home of the Brave” banners. The radio was on and the announcer said, “Later in our program we will have several cast members from our high school discussing their upcoming play. Stay tuned.”

All good things do come to an end.  Diane leaves to go home in the morning. It was a great visit, and an enjoyable zero.

6 thoughts on “Meeting Diane, Hamburg, PA”

    1. Hi Hank, I just to let you know Beth and I are checking your blog for updates. Sounds like you are doing well. From the sign about showers I gather they do not have showers along the trail and at 40 degrees I know taking a dip in the streams would be hard to do. Not showering twice a day would take some getting used to.
      George and Beth Moore


  1. You are doing great Uncle “Old Man” Henry!! So proud of you!! Lots of love, happy thoughts and positive vibes coming from the Texas Berard’s.


  2. My mom and I met Diane and you at Walmart on Sunday. We had a great time talking to the both of you. You are doing an amazing thing, good luck and God Bless you on the rest of your hike.


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