Trail Angels and Trail Magic, Caledonia State Park, PA

Yesterday I awoke, put on my glasses and couldn’t see. One of the lenses had fallen out. Diane suggested using duct tape to repair it, and although I did look ridiculous, it worked. (Sorry, no pictures!)

Now I should introduce more AT vocabulary. Well-known along the AT are Trail Magic and Trail Angels. Trail Magic is when food and drink is left along the route, in areas accessible to hikers. Sometimes it consists of rides to and from town, or to a trailhead, or other thoughtful gestures. Trail Angels are those who do these kind acts for hikers.

My daughter had already reminded me that if I needed anything in southern Pennsylvania, her best friend from college, Kris, lived in the area and was available and willing to help if I needed anything. I hadn’t seen Kris since she was the maid of honor at my daughter’s wedding more than a decade ago. But since my glasses were cobbled together with just duct tape, I definitely needed some help.
So yesterday, Kris cleared her schedule and met me in the boondocks. Diane coordinated all the details with her, which was tricky, considering I was in and out of cell phone coverage and they never knew exactly when or where I’d be. Kris drove me to an optician to have my glasses repaired. Then she brought me to a supermarket to resupply, and finally to her home, where I showered, ate, did laundry and slept in a real bed. This morning, her husband Jeff brought me back to the Trail. They and their children are wonderful, kind people. They are my first introduction to Trail Magic and Trail Angels.
Trail Angels


4 thoughts on “Trail Angels and Trail Magic, Caledonia State Park, PA”

  1. This is simply fantastic! I am beyond excited to follow your journey on the trail. Hooray for your trail angels and let’s hope there will be more to come. Prayers coming your way for health, good weather, and smooth trails.
    Cheering for you,
    Carol Pohl (E’s Friend in Pittsburgh)


  2. Love reading about your experiences and Gary and I are sending love, hugs and prayers for this once in a life-time adventure.


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