Sharpsburg, MD

More AT lingo. When the going gets tough, you need a break or you simply want some R&R, you may radically decrease your miles, for a particular day, to close to zero. This is called a NEARO.  If you have no forward movement on the trail for a particular day, it is called a ZERO.

So, after successfully completing my first day, a 10.5 miler on a beautiful day in very moderate terrain, I am faced with a dilemma. The weather report predicts 75-100%  rain for all of day 2 accompanied by 30-40 MPH winds. I am not yet trail hardened and at this point I really don’t want or need this experience. Diane, planning to stay in the area for another night, offered to pick me up at the state park ten miles into my hike (Gathland State Park) and return to the hotel. It was an offer I could not refuse. It’s only Day 2, and I’m taking my first ZERO, an ominous start!

We spent the morning at the Antietam National Battlefield and Museum. This was a very sobering experience. In one day, 23,000 soldiers were killed or wounded: the most catastrophic day in the history of the United States.

Tomorrow Diane will drive me back to the trail at Gathland, and I will give it another try.  I doubt the weather will be worse than it was today.

4 thoughts on “Sharpsburg, MD”

  1. Hank, this made the break room laugh so hard! We love that you’re semi “glamping” already and opting for a hotel. We all tune in daily for your entertaining posts, so keep ’em coming! Stay warm and dry! 🙂


  2. Sobering stop indeed, but envious of the history that you’ll be trekking through over this adventure. Keep it up old man!


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